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A group of friends having a conversation at a picnic table.


Last night, social media witnessed a friendship turn left when the best friend of model/entrepenuer #AlexisSkyy aired her business out via Instagram story questions. This started an interesting dialogue between viewers who shared opinions on what they would do if they were in a similar situation.

It started with #Ikey, her male best friend creating a new #Instagram page for his newly found blog that he decided was going to be used to air his ex-best friend out! On his personal page, he quoted “Once I don’t like you, I will never respect you. And once the respeck is gone, the disrespect comes out to play”.

During this rant, he posted a series a questions that fans asked about Alexis regarding her business, her child’s father and rumors that have been spread about her. One question asked “Why did Trouble and Alexis break up?” and he responded stating “Because he posted Lori Harvey on his page”. Rapper #Trouble and Alexis were formally known as a couple until suddenly Alexis posted about being single. Another question also asked “Who’s paying for her new shop?”. His response was “Some white guy she just met and is using for everything”.

This is as messy as messy gets. Rule number one to every failing friendship is do not air out the business of your ex-best friend. This person came to you to confide in you about life, just to be stabbed in the back in return. No matter how messy the friendship may have ended, you just don’t air out somone’s personal business, ESPECIALLY for the world to see.

An interesting question that was posted stated “Y Alexis can’t never keep friends” and his response stated “Because she’s all about herself and do a lot of backstabbing and unloyal sh** to everybody! I ignored all the fake sh** for years because I love her. But that’s it, love don’t live here no more. Idc, I never wanna be her friend again and I mean it”. It seems as though he is a bit hurt by whatever transpired but it’s still no reason to be sharing her business with strangers on social media.

This friend should have been fired a while ago. For someone to create a page solely dedicated to bashing their ex-best friend, they were never friends from the beginning. It’s situations like this that people need to watch out for when making new friends with someone. How do you know the signs beforehand you ask? Simple, whenever there is a disagreement between you and your friend, take notes on how they react. Watch what they say during these disagreements and don’t forget it. It won’t shock you as much if the results turn out like Ikey and Alexis.


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