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Rapper Kodak Black is ordered held without bond on two warrants

Sun Sentinel

It saddens us to hear how to state penitentiary is treating rapper #KodakBlack behind bars. Supposedly, Kodak was beaten badly while in cuffs over the weekend and the guards struck him in the head with a metal object. This news came as a shock to fans that read the heartbreaking update from Kodak’s Instagram about how he’s holding up in jail.

What’s also disturbing is the reports of one of the guards flicking his genitals at Kodak and saying “You’re not so gangster now, you’re gonna need bigger balls to survive”. Kodak’s team is looking further into this incident and his counsel advised this will be a full investigation.

This incident follows several other incidents that Kodak didn’t mind sharing for the world to see. Last month, he revealed in a post how the jail has been denying him visitation rights as well as emails and phone calls for six months and moved him over a thousand miles away from his family. He also referenced rappers #GucciMane and #TI about not getting treated as badly.

“Man these ppl stay tryna f*** me ova, all this #Coronavirus sh** and yall talking bout tryna charge a n**** for a bogus fight. If y’all gonna charge me do it now then, don’t try to wait until I’m almost home. He** naw, then if y’all was charging me why y’all letting me out the box? On top of that, y’all send me way to Kentucky, 1,023 miles away from my family after Donald Trump passed the First Step Act stating the BOP is supposed to keep you within 500 miles of your family. Everybody know Big Sandy is the worse penitentiary besides Hazelton. Y’all sent T.I to a Low and sent Gucci Mane to Terre Haute, so why the f*** y’all send Kodak to Big Sandy? Cuz the ppl knowhow I’m rocking they know I ain’t no b**** and I’ll blow me some sh** up so they send me to the compound where it’s only 3 n***** from Florida there, so regardless of who talking like they got my back imma need me a fu**** knife because I don’t know nobody”.

He’s made several posts recently asking fans to write him in Kentucky and send pictures. We are keeping Kodak and his family lifted during this time and will keep our eyes open for updates on this story.