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Wild N Out With Nick Cannon

Carissa McGraw/Victoria Said It

Can we get a reset button for 2020? Seriously, this quarantine has everyone in their feelings, including the girlfriend of #HitmanHolla , a rapper and comedian on the TV series #WildnOut. Yesterday, social media experienced a prank where Hitman thought it would be a good idea to expose him cheating on his longtime girlfriend, Cinnamon.

His alleged side-chick, also rapper #TrippieRed ‘s ex-girlfriend, Kai Bleu posted a photo of her and Hitman in a bathroom with a caption that read “Since I’m blocked on everything I figured Instagram would love these pics”. The photos show the two boo’d up in a bathroom mirror with different poses and one selfie. His girlfriend, Cinnamon deleted her Instagram profile having to discover this post and the backlash they were receiving.

It was revealed today that this was a prank and possibly for exposure? Hitman posted a video, with date receipts and the set up for the entire prank. He was hugging Kai and kissing her on the cheek for the pictures which still seems a bit inappropriate. But, the video did confirm this was, in fact, a prank, and Cinnamon was the one who ended up in tears at the end of the video. 

“My city St. Louis only talks about me when it’s something negative. Never the sold-out tours I’m on, never the TV show I been on for 12 seasons, never the rap battles I win, dropped two songs that are over a million didn’t repost that, never how great I treat my girl publicly, never the single moms I cash app or college students. I cheated on my girl and I’m trending? Aw, YouTube prank was a success”.

Was it a success? Or did he take things too far? It’s sad to see the girlfriend end up in tears but very interesting how this drama did make him “go viral”. People love drama so this is not surprising in our opinion.