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By 2026, we may just have the world’s first trillionaire. #JeffBezos , CEO and founder of #Amazon is projected to be the first trillionare according to sources.

A company called Comparisun compares different business products and their projection is based on taking the average percentage of yearly growth over the past five years and applying it to future years. Bezos’ net worth grew an average of 34% over the last five years. Currently, his net worth is estimated to be $143 billion. Compared to last year, Bezos’ worth has surged more by more than $28 billion.

This news does not make the people happy. Angry #Twitter users were stating how many people are struggling financially during this pandemic as Bezos is making billions of dollars. Aren’t we all using Amazon excessively during this time? With stores being closed and social distancing rules, it’s pretty evident that online shopping has become a new hobby for some.

This talk of Bezos becoming a trillionaire also sparked some protests from many Amazon workers. They are fearful of their safety during this coronavirus pandemic. On May 1st, workers for Amazon and other companies held a strike protesting for adequate protection in the workplace. Now, Amazon said it spent more than $800 million since 2020 on safety measures for employees which includes masks, hand sanitizers and other essential items. The company also hired 175,000 new workers and with this pandemic many have been laid off or without work.

There’s a silver lining in this story somewhere. Amazon has been delivering goods to people stuck at home that can’t go to the store. But, employees feel used and unsafe. The Vice President of Amazon’s Web Services stepped down from his position and left the company over the firing of executives who spoke out against how workers were treated in their warehouses. We are keeping essential workers lifted during this troubling time and will provide updates on Bezos and his journey to becoming a trillionaire.


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