TimesTalks Presents: An Evening With Sean 'Diddy' Combs

Dia Dipasupil

#Diddy took matters into his own hands yesterday as he called an Emergency Family Meeting through his #RevoltTV platform to discuss the social injustices we’ve been witnessing on social media for the past week. Videos have surfaced of another black man being killed by police along with several “Karen’s” falsely accusing a black person of a crime. He sparked a social media frenzy when viewers noticed white comedian #AmySchumer in the virtual gathering.

In this meeting, #Puffy invited several nationally prominent personalities, including #ShaunKing to address the racially charged episodes that have taken over our social media accounts. Amy added her two cents in regards to the #CentralParkKaren episode where a woman called 911 and accused a black birdwatcher of threatening her, when in fact he was doing nothing wrong. “She lost her job, she’ll never get another one. But I want worse for her. By faking distress, this could have led to real physical harm or death to another Black man”.

As much as she vocalized her support for equality, fans still felt as though as was out of place at such a forum. Black Twitter wasn’t too happy with seeing Amy or Shaun King. “Who made Diddy the spokesperson for black people? This n**** invited Amy Schumer to speak on a virtual emergency black family meeting, lmao”. Others expressed the need for her being included stating “I get people mocking Diddy for having Amu Schumer on his Zoom call. But this will never end unless you get white people whom it doesn’t affect to give a sh**. 90% just look the other way. Slavery would not have ended without the role white people played. That’s a fact”. Do you think her presence was a necessity? Why did Diddy invite her? The video conference can be seen on #YouTube under Emergency Family Meeting.


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