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Black Livers Matter Protest Sign

Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images

Celebrities have been revealing their true feelings during this trying time as many have posted their opinions on the racial war through social media. Actor #TerryCrews sparked some controversy over the weekend after he tweeted about the need for ALL people to come together to defeat the racism in this country.

“Defeating White supremacy without white people creates Black supremacy. Equality is the truth. Like it or not, we are in this together” says Terry in his recent tweet.

Twitter was not happy to read this, as we recall in the past Terry facing some sexual assault issues in the Hollywood community and many were to his defense. “Black supremacy? We represent 14% of the US population, hold no institutional power and gaslight our coworkers. We got 99 problems and your math isn’t the only 1” says actor #OrlandoJones.

Terry’s co-star for the hit show ‘ Everybody Hates Chris’ #TylerJamesWilliams posted his response as he took the educational route, without casting down Terry’s opinion. “No one is calling for black supremacy and the narrative that we are hurts our cause and our people”. He continued by explaining the movement in more depth and Terry posted a response. “I understand Tyler. I was not saying Black supremacy exists, because it doesn’t. I am saying if both Black and Whites don’t continue to work together – bad attitudes and resentments can crease a dangerous self-righteousness. That’s all”.

#AmandaSeales of #Insecure made a tweet in response stating “Welp! Now we know why Terry Crews threw Gabrielle Union under the bus. Always beware of coons in the midst”. She is referring to the controversial comments Terry made in regards to #GabrielleUnion’s job on #AmericasGotTalent.

“We have officially entered The Twilight Zone on a day when Mitt Romney marches for #BlackLivesMatter and Terry Crews does the thing he does” says writer and director Darryl Wharton-Rigby. Do you think it is important for people of influence to use their platform to speak on their opinions during this time? Can tweets and posts possibly cancel their careers if people don’t agree. We have to be more careful and this is a prime example of thinking before you tweet.