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California city residents are furious after sources revealed the death of a black man in Palmdale, California on Saturday. The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said there were no indications of foul play in the handing. In the same week, authorities began investigating ANOTHER CASE where 24-year old Robert Fuller was found hanging from a tree near City Hall, which they originally described as an apparent suicide. When will the senseless deaths end??

Deputies responded around 7am on May 31st to report a man who hanged himself near a homeless encampment in Victorville. He was later identified as Malcolm Harsch. “The cause and manner of death are pending. There were no indications at the scene that suggested foul play” says Jodi Miller, a spokeswoman of the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department. Harsch’s family said they were concerned that the investigation was taking a long time and say they regarded his death as suspicious. “He didn’t seem to be depressed to anyone who truly knew him. Everyone who knew our brother was shocked to hear that he allegedly hung himself and don’t believe it to be true as well as the people who were there when his body was discovered” says the family. “There was blood on his shirt but there didn’t appear to be any physical implications at the scene to suggest that there was a struggle or visible open wounds at that time”.

Now, with a second investigation happening for Robert Fuller’s death, the city is in outrage. A witness reported seeing Fuller’s body around 3am last Wednesday. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s immediately declared his death as a suicide. Hundreds of protectors took the streets of Palmdale, marching from the park where Fuller’s body was found to the sheriff’s station. More than 100,000 people have signed an online petition demanding a full investigation into Fuller’s death. “All alone, in front of the City Hall- it’s more like a statement. Even if it was a suicide, that in itself is kind of a statement” says a protector.

“Robert was a good little brother to us and it’s like everything they have been telling us has not been right… and we just want to know the truth” says Fuller’s sister. We will keep the site updated on this story and the cases of both men. We are lifting each family up during this troubling time.

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