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Puma Nitro for Women

Source: Puma / PUMA

Ever since Jay-Z got down with Puma it seems like they’ve been making serious inroads in the sneaker game with their collaborations and growing list of pro-athlete signings, and now they’ve taken things a step further with their latest innovative project.


According to Gearpatrol, Puma is now making a gender-specific running sneaker made for women as everyone knows running shoes have been a big thing for quite some time now. While the game is flush and maybe even oversaturated with countless kinds of running kicks on the shelves, Puma went the extra mile with their latest creation and recruited some top-of-the-line researchers to help them craft their next ground-breaking silhouette, the Run XX Nitro.

How exactly did Puma pull this feat off? Well, they collaborated with the University of Massachusetts Biomechanics Lab on how to construct the Run xx Nitro. After recruiting 224 runners who hit the pavement for more than 36,000 miles over an eight-week period, they learned that 81 percent of volunteers preferred the Run XX silhouette due to its cushioning and responsiveness.

“This was the first time we conducted a large-scale study on female runners and the results will help us shape our approach to women’s running shoes moving forward,” says Puma’s Run/Train General Manager, Erin Longin. “As a runner myself, I want to know my running shoes will support my own biomechanics, because women are made differently, and the Run XX does exactly that.”

The Run XX Nitro is named after the woman-specific double X chromosome DNA sequence and boasts progressive engineering to support female biomechanics. The updated fit is designed to hug a woman’s heel, instep, and arch better than male-focused alternatives. A new, firmer Nitro foam midsole blends a lightweight ride with ample durability as well.

The silhouette even features a Run Guide firm density rim around the heel for proper footstrike alignment and increased stability on longer distances.

Hella clever. Once word of mouth gets out about these they’re going to be flying off shelves.

The Puma Run XX Nitro is available now on Puma and retails for $130. Will you be picking up a pair? Let us know in the comments section below.

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