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Gucci Mane is fresh out of jail and hit the ground running by shooting a total of 7 videos in 7 days.

The shoot from day 4 for Gucci’s “Anti Social” video, ended in violence yesterday after two males decided it was a great time for a stick up.

According to Dennis Byron of HipHopEnquirer,

A short time after 8:00pm while I was conducting an interview with R & B singer Mila who is also featured on the “Anti Social” single, I heard a thumping sound and when I turned around I saw these two males sprawled out on the street. One of the men involved appeared to be unconscious as his body was motionless. The other male appeared to be incoherent when he was being questioned by passerby.

It was later discovered that these two individuals were allegedly witnessed breaking into vehicles. Fortunately no one from Gucci Mane’s camp was involved thus the video shoot continued without any other interruptions.

For those of you still wondering if this is a slap against Gucci’s newly declared attempts to be a role model. Gucci was not involved at all with any of these circumstances.

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