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So it looks like Amber and Kanye West are finally “taking a break” from each other. Word on the street is that Kanye is no longer dating Amber, but she wants her “sponsor” back!!

But there’s more to the story. Amber is spending “time” with her female friend, reality star Tila Tequila. Check out what Tila has to say about their relationship:

Last Summer, when Miss Rose was all over the press as Kanananazeezzyyzyzyyy’s boo and I must admit, just like everyone else, I had a MADDDD HUGE CRUSH ON AMBER!!! So one day last Summer at P. Diddy’s Annual White Party, I went there and I saw my dream girl… Miss Amber Rose! Ohhhhhhhhhhh Snap son!!!!! I’m about to goooooooo innnnnnnnnnnnnn, in a good way, of course! LOL I was thinking to myself “I’m about to do some c**k-blockin on Kanananazzeyezzyyy and steal my Wifey Amber from him!” LMAO!

And it gets better…

OK so fast forward a little bit more, we swapped numbers and kept in touch and chatted every once ina while! I was ALWAYS hollarin at her on BBM! LOL I would be like “Damn girl, when u gonna ***??? Let’s make a sex tape together I wanna tap that a** so bad!” hahahaha! No I swear, I really said these things to her!

And there’s this:

Sorry Kananananaeyeyyayeeyyyyzzzzzeeeyyzy! But I stole ya girl! ahhhhh Don’t hate me! 808 Heartbeats or whatever! I dont know what that has to do with this blog post but i think I’m giving you some pub so that way you dont hate me ok, kanananananeeeezyzyzzzeeeeyzytyzyy?!” lol


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