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Thanks to Ryan Destiny, my closet is full of compliment-worthy pieces from her PacSun collaboration. From the Linen Miami Beach set that garnered praise on a yacht to the attention-grabbing Summer Nights Maxi Dress, it’s safe to say the actress and singer has a promising career in the fashion world. It was my honor to chat with the stunning star about the collection.

“It simply happened because they reached out to me wanting to have a conversation about collaborating and what that would look like,” the melanated entertainer told me. While the partnership took a little longer than normal due to the pandemic, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. “The process of the creative, doing all the fittings, making the adjustments, the photo shoot – all of that happened. It all started with them simply reaching out to me by email, we hopped on a phone call, and that was that.”

With a total of four drops, Destiny graced her fans with a new seasonal installment of her collaboration featuring a full range of pieces inspired by the holidays. New fabrications include, but aren’t limited to, faux vegan leather, cupro knits, and menswear twills with layering being the ultimate focus between the oversized blazers and cargoes, and corsets. Between the Faux Leather Longline Jacket and the Danny Satin Trousers, you’re sure to look your best thanks to the hands of the How Many singer.

Read our conversation with Destiny about her creative process, PacSun collection, her personal style evolution, and more.

On being hands-on in the Ryan Destiny x PacSun collab process:

“I was very, very hands-on. I wanted it to feel like things that I would personally wear, an extension of me, and something that does feel affordable. I was instantly inspired by a bunch of other things around me, whether it be a random thought in my mind. Sometimes I would sketch stuff down, send it over to them, and they would send the actual sketch back to me, and then things would sort of keep transpiring from there. It was always a fun process with my stylist [Scot Louie] as well, helping me throughout the whole process. There are a lot of things that sometimes I question myself with and he swoops in and it’s very direct – yes or no.

“Some things I cross out and I immediately am just like, ‘No, this doesn’t feel like me.’ From then on comes the samples and we have the models try them on. The first collection, I tried on everything instantly and that really helped and it was more exhausting than I think people think. All those little steps and tweaks and having certain things fit a certain way is super important to me because I like things to feel oversized even when it’s a size small. They let me pick my own photographer and give all the inspo of what I want the direction to be. It’s really great to work with a company that really gives it to you, trusts you, and helps you along the way, so I’m really thankful for them.”

On how much of her personal style was embedded into the collection:

“Probably 80, 90% and I only say 80, 90% because there’s some things where I have to really let go of as far as it being something that I would completely wear. There’s always this time in the process where I’m like, ‘would I wear this?’ Sometimes my stylist will come and be like, ‘well you also want something that feels like what this type of girl will wear as well,’ so there’s a little sprinkle of that in there. For the most part, it’s like everything is so based on if I would wear it or not. It’s funny because even when we’re done with everything and the pieces are final, those pieces that I probably was like, ‘this is definitely more so for a different person,’ I still like it. I end up loving it by the time we’re done with the whole process and it’s [about] having your eyes on the bigger picture and making sure everything feels cohesive but not too predictable.”

Her definition of her personal style:

“I’ve always liked to describe my style as eclectic because I feel like there’s so many sides of me that I like to dive into and just show. It really just depends on my mood overall, but I’m eclectic. I like to be a lot of what my personality is, which is very laid back and I try to be effortless I guess in a way.”

On whether or not she considers herself a fashion girl:

“Yeah, I do. It’s so weird saying it, but I guess it’s just always been something I’ve been into my whole life, but more so within the past six years. Entering things more seriously, going to fashion weeks, and having my stylists educate me on a lot of things. It’s such a cool, fun, and creative world that I want to continue to be a part of and grow more and learn more throughout everything and wherever my career takes me. It’s just always been a fun outlet to have.”

On her biggest fashion regrets:

“There’s plenty. I was literally just looking at something, like an old outfit of mine like maybe six years ago. I was just like, ‘What exactly was I doing?’ I really thought I was killing it. That’s the part that gets me. It’s like you really thought at that time that it was just it. There was a time when I kept layering a bunch of jewelry. I look back and it’s horrendous and the most gaudy cheap way and I just regret it completely because simplicity is everything for me. There was a time when I was just doing way too much. It could be jewelry, it could be the outfit in general, just trying to put way too many things together that just did not make any sense, wasn’t flattering whatsoever. I just wish that never happened. I’m thankful though that there weren’t too many photos around that time in my life when I was highly confused. I’m thankful that there aren’t too many pictures out there of that time.”

On her style and fashion career goals within the next few years:

“As I’m doing this now with PacSun, it’s stepping my toe into the water of being creative and creating my own things. I would love to continue to do that and grow with something that becomes my own business in a way. I would love to keep collaborating with brands that I love and respect and those big dreams that we have of being a part of certain houses and everything is something that I always really dream about. Hopefully I can be someone that people continue to look up to for having these really iconic moments in fashion. It’s really, really fun for me so hopefully I continue to have fun in the process of wherever it takes me.”

On a possible sneaker collaboration:

“Oh my God, yeah. I would love that. That’s also a dream. I’m glad you brought that up. I feel like it’s so weird for me to forget about shoes in the midst of all of this, but sometimes I do when I have certain conversations. I would die to have a collaboration with some sneaker brands that I love. It would be really cool to do that. There’s so many women in the game who are doing that more and more and I look up to them so much and they’re just so cool. I would love to be in that conversation. I do know that the color blue would be incorporated into it in some capacity. I think it works with pretty much everything and it’s my favorite color, so it is just something that I just know would be in a sneaker that I would do. I’m just 100% sure.”


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