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Happy Holding Money

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See, what we are NOT going to do, is play about my money in 2023!

Katrina Bookman, a woman from New York, was playing the slot machine at the Resorts World Casino in Jamaica, Queens, she she won the largest slot machine in jackpot history which was a whopping $42,949,672!

She was then told to come back the next day to discuss her winnings from the slot machine, but it is when she asked an employee what she would be walking away with, the employee told her that she didn’t win anything.

The New York State Gaming Commission said that her machine had malfunctioned and she had actually won a measly $2.25.

Now, the machine did have a disclaimer on it that said “malfunctions void all pays and plays.” So, as a result of that, the commission said that they were required by law to give her only what she had actually won, which was that $2.25.

If that wasn’t enough, the casino felt A LITTLE BAD, and offered her a free steak dinner.

What would you have done if this happened to you? If it was me, that casino wouldn’t still be standing if you catch my drift! LOL!