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Downtown Raleigh Twilight, North Carolina

Source: Mlenny / Getty

We already know the housing market and apartments in RDU are increasing excessively in space, rent, traffic, and so much more, but these new apartments being built on Hillsborough Street just don’t make any sense.

A new residential development is making its way on Hillsborough Street in Raleigh with some new apartments that take “micro units” to the extreme.

These new “apartments” are only going to be 160 square feet.

Raleigh businessman by the name of David Smoot has submitted new site plans for 100 studio apartments that are intended for single occupancy. Each floor will have 20 units and a laundry lounge in the center. There will also be a backyard for grilling and other outdoor activities.

This will cost roughly around $7 million and construction is expected to begin this summer with delivery in late 2023. The rental rate for these studios that are, once again, only 160 FEET! Will be $1,000 in rent with all utilities included.

Typical rent for a one bedroom in Raleigh is about $1,300 a month, so a studio that probably is just the size to do a few jumping jacks in, going for $1,000 a month is kind of absurd to me.