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We already know the snacks at a movie theater is what makes going to the movies be expensive, but now some theaters will make you pay more or less for wherever you choose to sit in the theater.

AMC Theaters revealed on Monday that they will price tickets based on seat location in the theater, so movie goers will pay different prices depending on the proximity of the screen.

So, basically, the closer you are to the screen, the cheaper it will be. Even though they haven’t revealed exactly how much of a price different this will all be for movie fans.

Their site does offer this as some information regarding seat prices :

  • Standard Sightline: The “most common” seats, which are available for “the traditional cost of a ticket.”
  • Value Sightline – Seats in the front row, which are “available at a lower price than Standard Sightline seats”
  • Preferred Sightline – Seats typically in “the middle of the auditorium,” which are priced at “a slight premium to Standard Sightline seats.”

What do you think about this?