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Lore’l in DR with Monkey

Source: Lore’l / Radio One Digital

It is truly a Freaky Friday.

A man in Texas decided to steal two monkeys from the Dallas Zoo because he loves animals and wanted to set them free.

If you wanted to know how exactly he stole these monkeys, he told police that he made away with the monkeys on January 29 after he cut an enclosure’s metal mesh.

He also said he entered the zoo by scaling a fence, adding that he waited until dark to commit the alleged crime. After he took possession of the monkeys, the suspect said he made his way to a vacant home that contained other animals he kept.

The man has since been charged with six counts of animal cruelty and two counts of burglary.

Another crazy part of this story is that he says he will steal more monkeys if he is released. Soooo. Do you keep him locked up to protect the monkeys? Questions that need answers.