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Michael Newman attended Howard University School of Law until he was expelled in September of last year. Shortly after, he filed a lawsuit seeking $2 million in monetary damages for “pain, suffering, emotional anguish and damage to his reputation. According to Fox 6, The trouble started when the university shifted to remote learning at the start of the pandemic, meaning students communicated through purely online forums and through GroupMe chats, Newman claimed in court papers. Newman raised questions in Group discussions boards as, 1) Black voters didn’t question turning to government for solutions, and (2) reliably voting for the same party every election disincentivized both parties from responding to the needs of the black communities.” According to court documents, Newman wrote a four-part letter explaining his views, but the effort was labeled a “manifesto,” with one student accusing him of “manipulating [classmates’] emotions … as a social experiment,” the lawsuit said. The letters allegedly resulted in Newman’s removal from a second class-wide group chat. The school determined that Newman was “responsible” and ruled that he should be expelled.

Source: NBC News