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Nicki Minaj recently revealed that she believes record labels are paying female rappers to diss her.

Nicki Minaj #BirthdayBashATL2017

Source: ATLPics / ATLPics

During a recent conversation, Nicki Minaj revealed that she believes record labels are encouraging rappers to diss her, and are sometimes even going as far as paying for viral diss tweets aimed at her. The rapper spoke to her friend Rah Ali about the subject on the Stationhead app.

“As you rap and you write, you get better. And you get better every day. I think the thing is, now, because of the micowaveability of TikTok artist getting deals, Instagram people getting likes or Twitter people… girls’ labels and management companies paying for viral tweets and paying for Nicki diss tweets and all that,” said the rapper.  Check out the audio below