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It’s not every day that you get to “just kick it” with a 90s R&B legend, but that’s precisely what happened when our girl Ayeeedubb chopped it up with LaTocha Scott of the group Xscape.

The powerhouse vocalist stopped by the K975 studio to discuss her upcoming gospel project, The Invitation: A Conversation With God, due out on Good Friday (Mar. 7). The singer has been overwhelmed with the response that her solo project got so far.

“I’ve been getting so much love from everybody. It’s an overwhelming response for me,” she says. “I had a quick little show in Atlanta. It was very impromptu, and I got on stage. When I tell you, those people were like, ‘Oh my God, we cannot wait for the album to come out!’ So it gave me the jush that I needed to continue to move forward.”

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It is her hope that this album will help people with their individual journey to healing, as it was an emotional process for her as well. She admits that the album was her way of getting out her emotions during depressing times.

“I learned that the only way I can kind of respond to those things has appeared. So, I was able to write my feelings down, and now I’m sharing it because I’ve always had those conversations with God. I’ve always asked questions like, ‘Why am I going through this? And now I’m afraid to trust people or, you know, are you going to ever turn this around for me?'”

Scott also talks about taking a chance on her solo career and getting ownership of her music, despite receiving pushback from the rest of the ladies from Xscape.

“When I was, you know, trying to figure out about, you know, doing a partnership with the label,” she explains, “And I’m like, ‘If it works out with no kinks, I know that is from God.’ And I had been like, I don’t want to say wrestling with it, but it’s been a thought in my head to say, ‘Do I want to do it?'”

“Because every time I’ve tried to do any type of music, I’ve always gotten resistance from everybody. You know, everybody else is able to go out and do what they love to do. And I’ve always championed everything that my group has done. Kandi’s done a lot of things and I’ve championed her. I was there. I was the only group member there for the cover of Essence. I was there for her plays, and I was the same thing for Tiny. She did a couple of things and I was there, and my sister [Tamika] as well. So it’s like, for some reason, when I’m able to try to say ‘I’m here,’ It’s always something.”

She continues, “So for this instance, I went to the record label, my husband and I told him, ‘Listen, I want to have ownership.’ I want a partnership with the label…And everything just worked. It was no wrinkles, it was no hiccups. And I was like, ‘Okay, now I know this is from you, because before it wasn’t this.”


Check out the full interview with LaTocha Scott in the video above, and check out her album, The Invitation: A Conversation With God, out on Good Friday!