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A Society Is Judged On How They Treat It's Most Vulnerable | The Amanda Seales Show

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On the latest episode of the Amanda Seales Show, the host discussed a range of topics. She started with the news that Ron DeSantis passed a bill restricting Chinese people from buying land in Florida.

Next, she talked about Diddy and Jermaine Dupri’s announcement of a versus battle. Amanda then delved into the Sudan crisis, as discussed in the “Black Around The World” segment.

In addition, she talked about the ongoing protests in NYC in support of Jordan Neely. Finally, Amanda Seales provided an update on President Biden’s student loan forgiveness program.

As always, listeners can expect to learn, laugh, and be entertained on the Amanda Seales Show.


  • 3:03 BLACKURATE NEWS: Ron Desantis Bill Restricting Chinese From Buying Florida Land Passes House.
  • 7:43 Diddy Announces Verzuz Battle Against Jermaine Dupri Plus JHud Challenges Fantasia To A Battle
  • 13:05 Black Around The World : Sudan Crisis
  • 17:52 60 Sec Headlines
  • 19:15 BLACKURATE NEWS: Nyc Protesters Are Not Letting Up In Support Of Jordan Neely
  • 21:29 Ginuwine Takes A Tumble During Performance
  • 25:51 BIG UP, LET DOWN:  BIG UP –  Julie The Egg Freezing Nurse & Joahkim Noah Launches “One City Basketball League”
  • 32:38   CALL US ANYTIME AT  1 855 AMANDA 8 … THATS 1855 262-6328. A Caller In Support Of Daniel Penny
  •  37:36 BLACKURATE NEWS: President Biden Student Loan Forgiveness
  • 47:12 Sports Journalist Gets Trashed After Her Bf Proposal
  • 50:22 Should There Be Kid Free Sections On Planes/Trains
  • 53:50 How Black Do You Feel?
  • 56:47 Politicians Say The Darndest Things MN Senator Says What About White People In Legislative Representation?





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