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We all love free food, but what would you do in order to get that free food?

Subway is offering free sandwiches for life if you legally change your name to, you guessed it, Subway.

In short, the winner will be presented with the opportunity to take their sandwich satiation from footlong to lifelong by legally changing their first name to Subway. The winner, soon to be known as “Subway,” will then receive a lifetime’s supply of free sandwiches.

To enter, hopeful name-changers must be adults and must agree to legally change their first name in order to receive the free-for-life sandwich haul. On or around Aug. 7, a potential sweepstakes winner will be chosen at random. This person will then receive the cost of changing their name reimbursed, as well as $50,000 in Subway gift cards.

Will you be entering this contest?