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FAME Tells Origin Story Behind #ThatFamousCorner Web Series

Fame (Left) DNA (Right)

Source: Yaszmin Belton / Radio One

Kamir Harris, A Philadelphian animator known as “muthafnfame267” on social media, has taken the city and surrounding areas by storm with his animated web series #ThatFamousCorner. Harris has been animating scenes for over five years now, a craft that was spearheaded by his niece’s initial interest in becoming a cartoonist.

“2018, my niece just asked me like how to make cartoons” Harris said. “So I went on my phone and found a app to do it. She left, so I wind up messing with the app by myself. So I put a couple joints out on Instagram and it took off!”

#ThatFamousCorner is a raw, raunchy, comedic scripted web series that is based from true accounts. Harris details specifics stories in his life and brings them to life through this art form that he created initially for his own enjoyment, until the community caught wind and took a liking to his content, giving him a new found hobby of entertainment that soon became a passion.

Harris has aspirations of taking his animation skills to the big screen as he is in the works of making a animated movie and looking to work with the world biggest stars such as Dave Chappelle and Kevin Hart to cast his characters.

Harris also talks about what it was like growing up in Philly, what he loves about Philly, what he wish he could change, and the top three places to get a good grub in the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection.

Watch the full interview below!

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