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As we close out an old decade and look forward to a new one, we have to think about some of the biggest trends in Hip-Hop and get some insight from some of the veterans of the game.

For rapper Rakim Auto-Tune took over the past decade.

“In hip-hop, as far as music and sound, I think the voice box, auto-tune was like the biggest thing,” Rakim explained. “Really because everybody and they mom’s wanna touch on it so that’s like the white tee shirts. Everybody wearing the white tees so everybody wanted the auto-tune.” (SOHH)

DJ Webstar felt that Skinny Jeans took over the fashion game this decade.

“I think the biggest trend was a bad trend man,” Webstar explained. “I’m not taking away from nobody, but I think skinny jeans;  I mean, everybody was just wearing skinny jeans. I think that was the biggest trend, I don’t think it was a good trend, but I think that was ‘the’ biggest trend. You will never see me in no skinny jeans.” (SOHH)

For Dolla Boy from Playaz Circle the biggest trend was Duffle Bags.

“The sudden emergence of Gucci and Louis bags,” Dolla Boy explained. “The whole little bag era, like, [bootleggers] took it and ran with it.” (SOHH)

Tity Boi speaks on why Duffle Bags were a big trend.

“I know we going to the stores spending $700, $800 on these bags,” Tity Boi added. “Bootleggers made ’em in 24 hours and had them on the block. I know the bootleggers need to break us off something, 20 percent of something. [laughs] Bootleggers got mansions off those…Them duffle bags though, with them G’s and the Louis’s on ’em…” (SOHH)