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Kevin sent you a message.


Subject: Great Inspiration.

A few years ago i was listening to u on the radio during Xmas time. You

inspired me to contribute for the stuff the bus for Xmas. That next year great

things started to happen for me. I returned the next year with a friend that

also enjoyed the experience. However, since then old behavior turned me around.

For a minute i was lost in old me, stuck on stupid. Five years ago i got very

ill, and had to leave my job, ( the one i was blessed to get, inwhich i moved

through the ranks and was promoted to supervisor. ) Since then i struggled

trying to find myself. By the grace of God, I started to write again, something

i hadn’t done for nearly ten years prior too. Today i’m re-focused and doing a

little better. Log on to;

and check out my story. Although writing serves as a great therapy for me, i

still have to strive harder to learn how to perform my work. For now, however,

i just share my work via way of the internet.

You have a strong presence of inspirational motivation, and your voice travels,

reaching those like myself, that hear you, especially when you drop those

messages of encouragement. I hope to participate in this years Xmas event,

giving without expectations.

Thanks Brian, you represent the voice of Durham, world wide. Stay Blessed and

know u r Highly Favored !!!

PS. As i wrote this message, i was listening to the greatest hits of

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. No daoubt i’m old school, about to turn

50, July 2nd. If u remember, play ” THE MESSAGE “, and shoutit out to all the

brothers and sisters stuck in the struggle.


Kevin fulton.