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Along with the start of 2010 comes the start of several new laws for North Carolina. The new laws range from increased incentives for the film industry to tightened rules on public smoking.

New State Laws:

1. As of midnight Saturday morning, NC law bans people from smoking cigarettes inside eateries. Cigar bars and non-profit private clubs are exempt from the law.
• Businesses can be fined up to $200 a day for not enforcing the law
• Customers can be fined up to $50 for violating the ban

2. Lawmakers raised the tax credit for production companies from 15% to 25%
• Companies have to spend at least $250,000 to receive the tax break

3. Animal shelters are required to show all animals in their custody to people in search of a lost pet

4. A handicap parking permit’s expiration date must be visible from a minimum distance of 20 feet.