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Word on the street is that Gucci Mane and Lil Scrappy are beefing. The two are said to have had a heated exchange last weekend at a local Atlanta club with Gucci getting the best of the fight.

I’d heard about the scuffle but quickly dismissed it as hearsay. After all, Gucci was just released from jail a few months ago. The last thing he needs is another stupid charge. But after a quick search of the net, I found in a random message board where a few witnesses were inquiring about what caused the tension between the two:

Last night Gucci had a party at Velvet room and him and Scrappy was arguing in VIP and all of a sudden gucci slapped him so hard and scrappy didnt do shit. Anybody know the full story or the reason behind this? i dont care if im scared of you or not you are not going to bitch-slap me and get away with it. Lil Scrappy is a hoe for that.


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