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I think we have all long known what John Gray put down in words in his bestseller, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus: There are differences between the sexes, not just physically, but psychologically. And a new study being published in the May issue of Personality Individual Differences reinforces that belief.

It's been many years since I had to prepare lunches for schoolchildren. But I did do it for more than a decade, and mostly on a budget. With hot lunches at many schools being costly or of poor nutritional value, it is certainly wiser and healthier to pack your own.

Over the course of Nas’ career, the one thing that’s always frustrated his fans is his inability to pick good beats. I’m not saying that he hasn’t had any good beats on his albums, but dude picked Chris Webber beats over Primo beats on Hip Hop Is Dead… In an interview with BET.com, Nas explains […]

Doctor's have given chocolate lovers a reason to celebrate with their findings in a recent heart-health study.

Building good exercising habits can be a bit of a lifestyle change, but with these exercises it is plain to see that anybody can do them.

One person was injured in Durham today after being shot during what appears to be a home invasion.

Halle Berry has been spotted out with a new man by her side already.

Watch Wale's brand new video, "Diary."

Chris Brown Sings National Anthem For Fight.

Would you like the chance to Ball with Shaq? or score some 2011 Fianl Four Tickets. Well you can get that with the Jenesse Center’s online Auction. You have to bid on them and you have to hurry up because the bidding closes at 1:30pm tomorrow….May 4th. For more info click here..

Shawnette Congratulations to Rapper Big Daddy Kane who tied the knot with his long time girlfriend Shawnette in a private ceremony in North Carolina this past Saturday.

Hundreds of NC State Students took over Hillsborough Street to get there party on...