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Everyone’s favorite no-talent star is riding around in a new Lambo while filming her reality T.V show.

Eminem has signed Slaughterhouse and Alabama rapper Yelawolf to his Shady Records enterprise.

As odd as Nicki Minaj is I think this cover takes her to an entirely different level! Nicki is featured in V Magazine’s Spring Preview issue in black and white paint. Is this artsy enough for you all?

Inspiring new hip hop cousins Ra Capone and Shay Swinga are on an inspiring journey, to bring life back to music with their new single, “Next First Kiss” off their BIG BOY MUSIC album on January 11th, 2011 at all major music downloading portals ( iTunes and Amazon.com). With not even one celebrity endorsement or […]

Music videos weren’t exactly a new phenomenon when MTV debuted in 1981. French musicians had been making short films to accompany their songs since the invention of the Scopitone visual jukebox in the late 1950s. However, MTV’s launch upped not only the quantity of music videos being produced, but the quality. We racked our brains […]

The Artist-Approved-Weekly-Free-Download is the new, hot marketing tool in music it seems. Though not even 5 years ago, everyone in the music business was crying that giving music away for free was the worst thing ever, it seems that everyone is clamoring to unload their latest music for the price of $Free.99.

Click HERE to see a list closings and delays in the triangle.

Via: Madamenoire.com 1) Over Zealous Party Promotion: Many of us have learned to stop accepting friend or ‘follow’ requests from event planners all together, but that still doesn’t protect us from the onslaught invites to parties we never plan to attend. Promoters set up groups on Facebook, invite you without your consent and blow up […]

Via: HipHopWired.com Former homeless man with the “Golden Voice” Ted Williams was briefly detained by police Monday night in Hollywood. HipHopWired.com is reporting that Williams got into an altercation with his daughter which resulted in a disturbance call to the police. There  is no word whether or not  drugs and alcohol were involved.

Even if the song didn’t have words, we knew the melody. For all the talk of how great some of these sitcoms were, we mustn’t forget the very first reason we tuned in was to dance or sing or rap along to the song played during the opening credits. Here are nine of our favorite […]

Raekwon The Chef is dropping his next solo Shaolin Vs Wutang on March 8th and Funkmaster Flex unleashed this first track on his blog. All I have to say is I’ll take this over “H.A.M.” any day. Sue me. Props to Rap Radar. RELATED POSTS: Raekwon Drops Tribute Video To ODB, “Ason Jones” [VIDEO] Raekwon […]