xHood's goal is to provide a safe space for Black queer parents to ask questions and obtain resources.

A shift in perspective allowed me to see the history of Charlottesville, VA as both unsettling and inspiring.

The longevity of Marvin Gaye's socially conscious lyrics prove that pain, suffering, poverty and racial unrest are as American as apple pie.

Police brutality has cost the state of Georgia nearly $5 million—all because a cop couldn't put his fragile blue ego aside and understand that a short car chase doesn't warrant the execution of a Black man.

Now, Davis is preparing to advance to the Miss Wisconsin Competition in Oshkosh in June, which is a state preliminary to the Miss America competition.

Williams has now become the first black woman to serve in the position.

Will got in 'one little fight and the academy got scared.' It should have that same energy for victims of powerful predators as well.

The state of California might be one step closer to passing a historic proposal that could make reparations for Black Americans a reality in the state.

The HBCU student will be driving a Virginia State University-themed car with the number 44 on it. The car will be decked out in Virginia State’s orange and blue color scheme and represent all the proud Trojans out there.

An interview was published Tuesday in which Donald Trump called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to spill the tea on Hunter Biden citing unproven claims about his business dealings in Russia.

Kyle Rittenhouse made an appearance on The Jenna Ellis Show podcast in an episode published Tuesday to complain that he's been reaching out to President Joe Biden, but Biden has been ignoring him.

On Monday, the city launched The Violence Prevention Hotline, a 24 hours hotline staffed with dozens of trauma-informed "resource navigators" who will be on call to respond to residents impacted or concerned about issues of gun violence.