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Facebook Connect
Q: If I sign up using Facebook, will my music listens automatically get shared on Facebook or added to the Facebook real-time feed or my timeline?
A: No. Signing up with Facebook just makes it easier for you to share items on Facebook – but only when you want to share and do so by hitting the Share on Facebook buttons on station pages or on the playback bar. In the future, we may offer the ability for you to automatically share on Facebook, but you would have to specifically ask for and approve for that to happen.

Q: Why doesn’t AirPlay work?
A: We’re working on a permanent fix for this, but in the mean time, get AirPlay working on your device using another app (like the iPod app), then load a BlackPlanet Radio playlist and you will see the AirPlay icon in the usual place.

Forgot Password Problems
Q: I used the ‘Forgot password” tool, but didn’t get an email.
A: First check your spam folder. If there is nothing there, make sure you entered the email address that you used when you registered for BlackPlanet Radio – that’s the only one that will work there.

Can’t See Playlists
Q: Why don’t I see my playlists anymore?
A: Please confirm that you are logged in — do you see your username to the right of Contribute A Playlist?

No Sound
Q: When I play a playlist, I don’t hear any sound.
A: Please make sure you have flash installed, then confirm the volume slider is all the way to the right, then confirm your computer speakers are on by playing a video or other media file on a service like

No Quit Button on Android
Q: Why isn’t there a ‘quit’ button on the android app?
A: Android/Google ask that apps don’t add a quit button, since pausing your song and going back to your device’s home-screen accomplishes the same thing

How do I submit music to be played?
Q: How do I submit music to be played on BlackPlanet Radio?
A: The best way is to use Tunecore and make sure you opt in to ‘MediaNet’

Playlists: Adding and Removing Songs
Q: How do I add / remove songs from my playlist or delete my playlist?
A: Click the “Edit” button on your playlist page next to the playlist title. Make sure you are logged in first.

Song Skipping Rules
Q: What are the rules with skips?
A: Due to licensing requirements, users can only skip 6 times per 60 minutes.

Georestrictions (access restrictions outside of the USA)
Q: Why can’t I use BlackPlanet Radio outside of the US?
A: BlackPlanet Radio only has licenses to stream music in the United States – we’re working on licenses to stream elsewhere, but don’t have a certain timeline yet.

Listening to Your Own Playlists
Q: Why can’t I listen to my own playlist without BlackPlanet Radio recommendations?
A: Our licenses prevent us from allowing DJs to listen to their own playlist without recommendations added in. However, that feature on BlackPlanet Radio is meant to allow DJs to create playlists for the community and their friends. When OTHER people listen to your playlist, they’ll only hear the songs you added in – no recommendations at all.

Can’t Find Song for my Playlist
Q: Why can’t I find {song x} to add to my playlist?
A: While BlackPlanet Radio has a huge library of songs (over 14 million) with new ones added every week, there are some songs we just don’t have yet – sorry for the delay!

Can’t Listen to One Artist
Q: Why can’t I just hear {artist x}?
A: Our licenses prevent us from playing more than 4 songs by a certain artist within a 3 hour period, so we need our playlists to have many artists included. If we didn’t follow this rule, we couldn’t offer BlackPlanet Radio for free.

Can’t Listen to Song on Demand
Q: Why can’t I just hear a certain song when I want to?
A: Our licenses prevent us from playing a particular song ‘on demand.’ If we didn’t follow this rule, we couldn’t offer BlackPlanetRadio for free.

Thumbs Up
Q: What does Thumbs up do?
A: We use Thumbs-ups to make recommendations for users about other playlists they will likely enjoy (in the Just For You section of our mobile apps)

Thumbs Down
Q: What does Thumbs down do?
A: If a certain song on a certain playlist gets too many thumbs-downs, we remove it from that playlist. We also skip any song you are listening to if you give it a thumbs-down, as long as you have skips remaining.