A new website devoted to local indie artist’s across the Carolina’s. Carolina All Day was created to bring exposure to the growing talents of North Carolina & South Carolina’s hip hop scene. There mission is to showcase the unseen, underground, and underrated talent throughout these great states. Carolina All Day was developed in June, 2008 […]

Check out North Carolina’s own Shelly B as she reports live from 2010 Womens Empowerment. Laila Ali, Taraji P. Henson, Rev Run, Hill Harper, Kim Coles, Russ Parr and many more were present at the 16th annual gathering in North Carolina . In this recap Tarji P. Henson speaks candidly about the obstacles Black women […]

Okay Chris Rock..Crackers..I could see why this was unreleased…Maybe the “crackers” will try and Blackball him. Is “crackers” a racist term or something  we can joke about? I know Chris Rock hangs out with a lot of white people.

One of the directors of Erykah Badu’s controversial “Window Seat” video says that he believes she wanted to get arrested after disrobing in downtown Dallas for the video.

Erykah Badu’s new video is raising more than just a few eyebrows, it could be raising charges. Police in Texas are investigating whether to charge the singer with indecent exposure for her “Window Seat” video. While some people call it art and others call it freedom of expression, police are calling it a crime….Click to […]

Via: WRAL.com The State Highway Patrol is conducting its “Operation Slow Down” And its purpose is to catch speeders. Stepped-up enforcement and patrols will be carried out across the state through April 4, focusing on motorists speeding on interstates and major four-lane highways. During the past four years, 331 motorists have been killed on our […]

Via: MyNC.com Yesterday Merridith Coll hosted a forum aimed at cutting the rhetoric and having a calm, balanced discussion on the Wake County School Board’s decision to scrap the diversity policy… Panelists from both ends of the debate fielded questions and gave their opinions on the ISSUE. Shaw University also hosted a lecture yesterday to […]

Jamie Foxx & his Foxxhole Radio crew came out with guns blazing as they fired back at Howard Stern.

Barbadian beauty Rihanna is stepping up security after receiving X-rated letters from a male fan.

Sources say Will Smith shut down the set of Jada’s TNT show HawthoRNe for 8 days because he kept making script changes.

(From TMZ) Kelis just got smacked over a $5,000 hair weave. Yes folks, 3 zeroes.

Under the lead of living legend Jay-Z, Rocawear has consistently grown into the premiere representation of the urban lifestyle. Once again, Hova and Rocawear are hitting us in…