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Today marks a major milestone for one of Hollywood’s favorite young stars.

Mr. Jaden Smith has finally reached the big two, one.

It seems like it was just yesterday he was snatching hearts with his breakout role in The Pursuit of Happyness with pops Will Smith. Now, the 21-year-old has built a successful acting and music career with memorable roles and blockbuster tracks. Just last week, he proved his staying power with the release of his second album Erys. Jaden even plays his part in activism, having donated a water filtration system to Flint, Michigan, which is still recovering from their unclean water crisis.

Of course, his star parents are already celebrating their son before Jaden could even post on social media. His mom Jada Pinkett Smith wrote on Instagram with a video, “After my first trimester… being pregnant with you were some of the happiest moments of my life. You were tangible joy. When you were born you became my first experience of tangible love.”


Will went the more funny route, writing, “Jaden is 21 today!! The equation still astounds me… Love + Tequila = a Person. 🙂 Happy Bday, J-Diggy.”


Along with the music, movies and his celebrity parents, Jaden is also known for his daring fashion sense. Over the years, he’s stunned red carpets or made headlines for rocking the most unconventional outfits.

I mean, the man dressed up in a whole a$$ white Batman suit for his “Batman” music video.


He’s definitely one artist not afraid to go there.

Scroll down for some more Jaden fashion moments that amazed, pushed the envelope or were just plain funny.

21 Icon Years: Jaden Smith’s Most Jaw-Dropping Fashion Moments From Boy To Man  was originally published on

1. Okay “Thriller” jacket

Okay "Thriller" jacket Source:Getty

2. Flowing with sis

Flowing with sis Source:Splash News

3. Not sure what’s going on here…but yes fishnets

Not sure what's going on here...but yes fishnets Source:Splash News

4. Tony Stark

Tony Stark Source:Getty

5. High water bell-bottoms

High water bell-bottoms Source:Getty

6. For the animals

For the animals Source:Getty

7. Trendsetta

Trendsetta Source:Splash News

8. Owning the Met Gala

Owning the Met Gala Source:Getty

9. Can’t be too careful

Can't be too careful Source:Splash News

10. Free the locks

Free the locks Source:Getty

11. This boy luh Batman

This boy luh Batman Source:Splash News

Jaden Smith Batman jaden smith,batman

12. Boss

Boss Source:Splash News

Jaden Smith plaque jaden smith,plaque