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Joe Budden has a whole lot of explaining to do. The New Jersey rapper-turned-podcast impresario recently admitted to having faked putting on a condom before having intercourse with a partner.

Just so we’re clear, telling your partner you have a condom on when, unbeknownst to them, you don’t actually do, is sexual assault. There is no gray area. There is even a term for it—stealthing.

“Even I done walked in the corner and faked like I was putting a condom on before,” said Budden in a recent podcast which has since been deleted from streamers. He even laughed while adding he “1000 percent” did what he said he did.

Budden was adamant that he no longer practices his egregious act, not that it matters.

It goes without saying that Twitter is going in on Budden. A common theme is that he has either been accused of or even admitted to quite problematic behaviors before. Nevertheless, he’s still here.

Peep some of the more potent reactions in the gallery.

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5. Allegedly.