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These TikTok trends just keep getting better. The new viral trend has parents asking their children to put their shoes on to help them fight, and their children’s reactions are hilarious. Check out a gallery of our favorite videos from the “fight prank” TikTok trend inside.

Actor and social media personality Kevin Fredericks, @kevonstage, shared a two-minute compilation from the challenge on his personal Twitter account. It resulted in a thread of different videos that have been posted since the trend started.

The reactions are endless. Some children didn’t hesitate to put their shoes on and help their parents. Other children cried at the thought of having to fight a strange hypothetical kid.

We have no idea where the trend started, but it’s caused some pretty comedic reactions between parents and their children. Parents are quickly discovering whether their children are true “ride or die’s” or if they’d choose love and not war. Some children came up with excuses like needing to go to Target. Whereas, many children were ready to go to war for their mama.

This unexpected trend has gained thousands of views across social media. All the parents are joining in on the fun, and asking their little ones what they’re willing to do. Children are so pure and innocent. That is, until you mess with their mama!

“Go put on your shoes. We about to go fight.” What would your little one say to this “fight prank” trend? Comment below with their reaction.

Check out this gallery of some of our favorite videos below:

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1. He Put the Game Down to Show Off His Moves


2. Will the Lord Be Pleased?


3. Jada Said That Ain’t No Problem


4. Not to Worry, Sis Has Her Black Belt!


5. She’s Equipped


6. Simple, Say Less


7. We Love the Attitude


8. Lil Man Said He Needs to Make A Target Run First


9. A Rider


10. Watch the Compilation