Beyonce, Diddy, Rachel Roy, Russell Simmons and more are designing clothing and accessories as part of a fundraising effort to get Obama re-elected in 2012. Shirts, bags, scarfs and items that still have yet to be revealed are available for all his loyal supporters to buy, including a few by the First Lady’s fave designers […]

Last night (December 11th) at Christmas in Washington 2011, President Barack Obama joined his family and celebrities like Justin Bieber and Jennifer Hudson for a Christmas song. The event took place at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC. Here’s the video of the celebrity-filled stage. RELATED POSTS: Jay-Z, Will Smith & More Attend Heavy […]

Will Smith‘s manager and producing partner James Lassiter hosted a fundraiser for the Democratic Party last night in Los Angeles, and both President Barack Obama and Will were in attendance. It cost $35,800 per person to attend the dinner, but President Obama stopped by Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles first. Half of the people […]

The President of The United States, Barack Obama fly into Raleigh NC today to discuss the highly debated American Jobs Act. The people of the community turned out by the masses for the opportunity to hear the President speak. There was laughter and plenty of support as President Obama pointed out the significant highlights of […]

In case you missed President Barack Obama speaking at NC State today here you go….

Go Obama It’s Ya Birthday We Gonna Party Cause It’s Ya Birthday!!!!Happy 50th Birthday to President Barack Obama! The President kicked off his special day with a Birthday Gala and campaign fundraiser in Chicago Wednesday night with a performance by Jennifer Hudson. Attendees of Wednesday’s fundraising event paid up to $35,800 for a ticket. The […]

President Obama and the First Lady sample a glass of Guinness on their visit to Barack Obama’s ancestral home in Moneygall. The president and his wife visited Hayes’ pub where they toasted the regulars and hugged distant relatives. After leading the bar in a toast … the president plunked down some cash and told the […]

President Barack Obama and our First Lady Michelle Obama visited Tuscaloosa, Alabama recently after the devastating tornado ripped through the state last week. According to the New York Post, President Obama stood there in amazement at the damages in the city, shaking his head stating, “I’ve never seen devastation like this, it is heartbreaking.” The […]

TIME has picked their 100 most influential people in the world. They are artists and activists, reformers and researchers, heads of state and captains of industry. Their ideas spark dialogue and dissent and sometimes even revolution. Here are a few of 2011’s TIME 100: And check out last year’s list here: Who Made The Cut? […]

Via : President Obama picks No. 1 seeds in NCAA He revealed his choices today on ESPN’s Sportscenter. This year, Barack chose the four top seeds in each region, playing it safe and ignoring the upset factor that always seeps into the world of March Madness. Barack Obama has filled out his NCAA bracket, […]

Despite the rough nature of his sport, Muhammad Ali was one of the smoothest persons ever to walk the Earth. His poetic verse and well-considered metaphors came out a time during the 1960s when boxers were better known for punching than speaking. But Muhammad Ali did speak, and spoke intelligently – in a loud, boisterous […]

As a noted surgeon and scientist, Charles Drew was responsible for creating the technology to store blood for long periods of time. His lifelong concern for the necessary transport and storage of blood and plasma made him a pioneer in his field and a valued scientist in world history. Drew saved thousands of soldiers’ lives […]