bey z

The media has taken a complete 180 degree turn! From rumors of divorce to now expecting another baby, we don’t know what to think about the power couple. The newest reports are in that we may be expecting an album from the two. It would only make sense for the two since their concert has […]

The blogs have been buzzing every other day with news about Jay and Bey and how their marriage is on the rocks. BeyoncĂ© even changed a few words to her song “Resentment” which made fans believe that she was referencing her marriage to Jay and all of the scandals that are surfacing. Click here to […]

With everyone on their toes to see exactly where BeyoncĂ© and Jay Z’s relationship stands, they quickly know how to make a 180 degree turn with the media. Photos were recently released of the stage they will be performing at for their first concert. Although several shows aren’t sold out as of yet, publicist think […]