brooklyn rappers

The Greatest Rapper Of All Time died on March 9th. It’s been 15 years since we lost one of the most powerful voices in Hip Hop. I think everyone will agree that if Biggie and Tupac was still alive Hip Hop would be in a different space right now……..Check out Big Poppa perform JUICY live….!!!!!

Some people called him a bitter and not a writter because of numerous Biggie lyrics in his rhymes but Jay Z explains why he does it. It’s a tribute to Biggie and it keeps his music fresh on people minds. Check out the video from Jay’s “Decoded” iphone app….

If Playboy offered Foxy Brown $2Million to pose on the cover Hugh Hefner senility has mos def kicked in. C’mon Son! She credits still being in demand after fifteen years in the game by keeping her brand fresh. In Demand???? Ain’t nobody demanded Foxy Brown since 2-Finger Rings.. To read some more of Foxy’s BS […]