The internet has no chill. None whatsoever!!! If you’ve been on your social media pages lately you may have seen a plethora of meme’s and videos about “Kool-Aid Chicken Wings”. Yes. KOOL AID!! lol. Well, of course in true internet fashion somebody found the originator of the Kool-Aid wings. Her name is Valerie and according […]

The internet is going crazy for Beyonce’s #Lemonade. Some male actors have even taken to their social media to speak on not having their significant others watch the highly talked about movie. If Beyonce is calling it #Lemonade for women, what should a male’s version be called?? Related Stories: Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ Hits #1 On All […]

FOX News wouldn't be FOX News without at least one racist slip-up for the holidays.