SHOWTIME SAYS… Earlier today news broke that rapper Cassidy was arrested in Hackensack, NJ on suspicion of murder. Cops arrested Cass yesterday on an outstanding warrant for probation violation. Cops followed the rapper as he left his home and went to a convenience store. He was picked up as a suspect in one murder and […]

SHOWTIME SAYS…. I personally never wondered what was in Capo’s closet because he always looks like a dirty boy with a designer belt and shoes on whenever I see him, BUT for those of you who are interested in knowing more about Jimmy’s swag this video is for you… SPOTTED @ SHOWTIMESAYS.COM

SHOWTIME SAYS… We have all heard of celebrities giving their kids some of the most outlandish gifts for their 16th birthday. Some of the gifts have been sensible and some have just been crazy. Rapper Big Boi from Outkast has done something that I don’t think has ever been done before. He has given his […]

SHOWTIME SAYS… Okay for all of you folks out there who are “winning”, how bout this. There is now a popsicle being sold in Mexico for $1,000. The Marquis Los Cabos resort in Baja California Sur, Mexico is selling $1,000 popsicles that are made from 24 ct. gold flakes and also include Tequilas Premium Clase […]

Untitled SHOWTIME SAYS… Mr. West and Mr. Carter run through some joints at the Museum of Modern Art. SPOTTED @ SHOWTIMESAYS.COM

SHOWTIME SAYS… Despite all of the contrived controversy that was created by Fox News over his appearance at the White House last night, Common showed up and showed out!! Check the video as Com puts on in front of  a crowd at the Obama’s place for poetry night…..DOPE!!!! SPOTTED @ SHOWTIMESAYS.COM

SHOWTIME SAYS… MTV has announced that Lil Wayne will be featured in a new “Unplugged” concert in front of a live audience that will air on June 12th at 9pm. The show will feature Wayne performing acoustic versions of songs in his catalog. This will mark MTV’s first televised Hip Hop Unplugged concert since Jay-Z […]

SHOWTIME SAYS… Former NBA player and University of Michigan stand out power forward Robert “Tractor” Traylor was found dead in his home earlier today. At the time of his death Traylor was living in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico and playing ball for the Bayamón Cowboys of Puerto Rico. Early reports are speculating that Traylor died […]

SHOWTIME SAYS… Remember a few months back when all of the blogs were talking about 50 cent and Chelsea Handler hookin up…but nobody ever confirmed or denied it, so we all just took it with a grain of salt. Chelsea has come clean about her fling with Fif in a recent interview with CNN’s Pierce […]

SHOWTIME SAYS… New video for Rihanna’s new single ” California King Bed”….. SPOTTED @ SHOWTIMESAYS.COM

“My mom inspired me and at a very young age. I was shuffled off to Paris because that seemed like an easier life than living in St. Louis and being teased or heckled or whatever because you look different and your mom looks like that and your dad looks like that and where is your […]