SHOWTIME SAYS… I’m not sure why Juaquin decided to put a green puppet in this video, but ummm…aye…whateva works for ya! Heres the video for “Grove St. Party.” SPOTTED @ SHOWTIMESAYS.COM

SHOWTIME SAYS… “Live on Sunday’s….King of Diamonds on Monday” Check out the video as the I Am Still Music Tour hits Miami and Wayne brings out Ace Hood to perform the street anthem “Hustle Hard” SPOTTED @ SHOWTIMESAYS.COM

SHOWTIME SAYS… There were rumors floating around earlier today that Wiz only moved about 6,000 pieces of ‘Rolling Paper’. You know how the saying goes tho…Women lie…Men lie….But numbers can be altered don’t lie…. Over 190,00 copies isn’t bad…it’s not GREAT considering his strong cult following, but it aint bad. SPOTTED @ SHOWTIMESAYS.COM

SHOWTIME SAYS… New video from Kelly Rowland  featuring Lil Wayne for the new single ‘Motivation’.  A lot of people seem to like this song…It doesn’t do anything for me though. LEAVE A COMMENT AND LET ME KNOW…. WHAT DO YOU SAY….IS THIS NEW VIDEO FROM KELLY ROWLAND A GOOD GOOD LOOK, OR DOES SHE NEED […]

SHOWTIME SAYS… The Queen is back! And what better way for Mary J. to come back on the scene then to hop on a track with her long time collaborator,  friend, and mentor Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs. Mary also grabs Lil DeWayne for a remix of a song that originally appeared on Diddy Dirty Money’s ‘Last […]

SHOWTIME SAYS…. Can you guess who let THESE horrific doggs out?!?!?! Well I will give you one hint….How YOU doin?!?!? Yaaaaas…Wendy Williams who is currently a contestant on ABC’s show Dancing With The Stars sent a twit pic of her feet earlier today, and I gotta say these are the ugliest things I have ever […]

SHOWTIME SAYS… Slim Thugga hops on Wayne and Corry’s track…

SHOWTIME SAYS… Go behind the scenes of the video for the hottest song in the South right now….YC and Future got the club on smash with ‘Racks on Racks’ SPOTTED @ SHOWTIMESAYS.COM

SHOWTIME SAYS Here is the cover artwork for Ross and MMG’s new compilation entitled “Self Made.” The CD will feature Ross, Wale, and Meek Mills. My question is this though, what happened to the artists who have been rollin’ with Ross for years like Torch and Gunplay. Did they just get kicked to the curb, […]

SHOWTIME SAYS… A drummer who was caught by the camera during MTV’s special “My Time Now: Nicki Minaj” is suing MTV and their parent Viacom. Michael Savely accuses the company of tarnishing his image and violating his privacy. Savely appears for a brief second in the opening sequence of the film which shows him near […]

SHOWTIME SAYS… Like it or not these guys have a crazy work ethic…This is like the third video that Travis Porter has released, and the second from their newest mixtape entitled “Music, Money and Magnums” Spotted @ SHOWTIMESAYS.COM

SHOWTIME SAYS… Hangover part 2 comes out  this summer, and here is the extended trailer…. Spotted @ SHOWTIMESAYS.COM