These two are still dissing each other……really. Check out Nicki Minaj latest diss to Lil Kim “Stupid Hoe”.. Let’s see what the Queen Bee gotta say about this…….

There will be two new Nicki Minaj videos to love (or hate) in about two weeks. “Roman In Moscow” and “Stupid Hoe” will debut in early 2012, and hopefully the videos will get a better reception than the songs. Find out more about the forthcoming videos by visiting HipHopWired. RELATED POSTS: Nicki Minaj Performs On […]

Nicki Minaj has a new song “Stupid Hoe,” and like “Roman In Moscow,” it’s not quite living up to expectations. Is it just us, or “Stupid Hoe” a stupid song? Nicki Minaj Tops Entertainment Weekly’s “Best Singles Of 2011″ List Nicki Minaj Says “Roman In Moscow” Is “The Wackest…” [VIDEO] Nicki Minaj Unleashes “Roman In […]