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Newspapers and All Inserts

1. Remove from plastic bags or

sleeves. DISCARD bags and sleeves.


1. Paper clips should be removed from paper but staples are okay.

2. No phonebooks, colored paper or envelopes, checkbooks, books, carbon paper, paper with adhesive backing, napkins, tissues or other paper products.

3. Open junk mail. Removed any colored paper, promotional

stickers or product samples and DISCARD.

4. Place shredded paper inside a brown paper bag (NO PLASTIC BAGS), staple it closed and mark “shredded paper” on the bag.

Magazines and Catalogs

1. Remove from plastic bags or sleeves. DISCARD bags and sleeves.

Paperboard, Chipboard, SBS Board, Tubes

1. Remove liners and flatten.

2. No boxes with wax coatings where you can scratch wax off with a finger nail. Examples include some frozen food products.

3. No boxes with metallic coatings. Examples includes some beer and toothpaste boxes.

Corrugated Cardboard

1. Remove all packing materials, including any foam liners.

2. Completely break down boxes and flatten, do not just step on them.

3. Reduce cardboard to pieces no larger than 3′ x 3′ in size.

4. No food residue. NO pizza boxes! If cardboard is not reduced to 3′ x 3′ it will not fit in the troughs on recycling trucks and can not be collected for recycling. We appreciate your partnership in making this part of our recycling program successful!

Acceptable Plastic Bottles and Jars All Plastic Bottles

1. Only plastic bottles are acceptable. A bottle has a “neck” – the opening is narrower than its base. It also usually has a screw on type lid.

2. No bottle that previously contained a hazardous material, such as a pesticide, pool chemical, automotive fluid, or anything with the poison symbol on it, can be accepted.

3. Rinse the bottle and remove any spray pump.

4. Do NOT include any non-bottle type plastic containers such as yogurt cups or margarine tubs!

Acceptable Other Containers

Gable Top Cartons

1. Remove lid and discard.

2. Rinse and flatten.

Aseptic Boxes

1. Remove straw and flatten.

Aluminum Foil and Food Trays

1. Remove all food residue. Since foil is so thin it will actually be destroyed before any food residue is in the melting process! So if you are not willing to clean the foil first, please discard it.

Plastic Beverage Rings

1. Soft rings only, not the rigid type.