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Via: Allhiphop

Rap star T.I. has officially lost his gig as a spokesman for AXE body spray, just days after he was sentenced to 11 months in prison for violating the terms of his federal probation.

TMZ.com reports that AXE will “no longer feature T.I.  in our promotional campaign” and has already removed the Grammy Award winning rapper from their official website.

A federal judge sentenced T.I. to 11 months in prison on Friday (October 15th), after he and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle was found to be in possession of ecstasy after a traffic stop on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles on September 1st.

Yesterday (October 18th), T.I. appeared on Ryan Cameron’s V103 radio show, where he discussed his pending jail sentence. The rap star vowed to never return to prison after his latest, upcoming stint in federal prison.

“I’m gonna take it a day at a time,” T.I. explained. “I got a little while to plan. One thing I’m not gonna do is, I’m not gonna talk and make a whole lot of promises and do this or do that. I’m gonna speak more through my music and my actions. And I’m gonna let God lead me wherever that may be.”