Katt Williams Explains Burglary


Via: Allhiphop

Katt Williams speaks on the recent “burglary” that took place this week. Check out his side of the story.

Katt Williams has spoken out about his recent arrest, telling an Atlanta, Georgia television station that the charges against him were the result of a misunderstanding. 

The actor/comedian, who was arrested over the weekend on charges of burglary and criminal trespass spoke with local ABC-affiliate WSB-TV shortly after posting a $41,000 bond and being released on Tuesday evening (November 10). 

Prior to the interview, Williams addressed a throng of fans and reporters who awaited his release from the Newnan County Jail, about 40 miles South of Atlanta.

 “Sometimes in America, it’s hard to know how things are just by the way they look,” he simply stated, before personally greeting several of his fans. The interview took place at the estate of producer Barry Hankerson, where the alleged break-in occurred.

 WSB-TV reports that the Hankerson estate has served as Williams’ home for about a month, as he works on the Charles S. Dutton-directed drama The Obama Effect, due out later this year.

 The charges issued against the comedian on Sunday (November 8) arose when the home’s on-site caretaker accused Williams of breaking into the guesthouse in which he lives and stealing $3,555 worth of collectible coins and jewelry.

 “If you were gonna make up a story about Katt Williams stealing your jewelry box, wouldn’t it be smart to look at his jewelry first,” he told local ABC-affiliate WSB-TV, displaying a diamond-encrusted cuff-style bracelet.

 He did, however, admit to breaking a pane of glass in the door of the caretaker’s home, which was empty at the time.

 Williams explained that he had done so to turn on the lights in the separate home, so that the horses being kept at the Newnan, Georgia home would not be frightened by their reflections.

 He went on to accuse the investigators who responded to the caretaker’s 911 of being overzealous in failing to analyze all the facts before arresting him. If Williams is indicted by a grand jury, he will next appear in court on January 14, 2010.