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While watching a singer-songwriter I admire singing and playing the guitar in a live video, I was recently reminded of the importance of having dreams. One of my goals in life is to be able to be a skilled musician, to be a braver and stronger performer than I am at the moment. Although it will take some practice and a lot of patience to become as good as the guitarist that I admire, it will be worth it in the long run to challenge myself and become more proficient in something that I love.

This isn’t my only dream, but is definitely among the many that I strive to accomplish on a regular basis, despite procrastination and every day obstacles that get in the way. Life might be constantly moving forward, but if you put your mind to a few core goals or ideas, you will set yourself up for better opportunities later in life. By kick-starting forward thinking, you have the ability to become the person you are meant to be through passion and exuberance. Whether you want to improve your music skills, become a more patient person, or find a new job, there is always reason to make a dent in your life plan and to make a change for the better!

How To Gain Inspiration From Passion

As I have said before, passion and inspiration are closely related in their ability to give people hope and help them recognize what makes them happy in life. I know if I did not have a strong love of music, I would not be aiming to improve my guitar or singing proficiency. What draws people to their hobbies and life pursuits is a mixture of curiosity, passion, and determination, which in turn encourages them to explore life within the lens of that love. For me, music follows me everywhere I go regardless if I am listening to it or not. In another vein, a photographer or movie creator views life through pictures, while a mathematician sees life in the context of numbers. These passions or interests are very telling of the way individuals live their lives, as whatever drives their dreams influences their actions and determination to succeed. When people make goals based on what they love to do, they are able to exceed their expectations and be brave, despite the implications of their risk. If they already have that inspiration to go through with their projects, they are more likely to get through the obstacles unscathed and more optimistic than ever. Therefore, passion and inspiration are coveted traits that give humans the drive and determination to accomplish goals and succeed in life!

When facing your fears in regards to achieving one’s goals, it’s definitely important to feel the affiliation and validation of doing something you enjoy. While there are those times when the goals you must accomplish are ones that someone else sets for you, ie. a job, the dreams that you hold for yourself should make you happy and be beneficial to your overall growth as a person. Be true to who you are and push yourself to your full potential in order to reach your dreams! Never give up hope, as even if you can’t see your power and influence at the moment, there is always a time for you to shine – you just have to change your vision in order to see it.

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