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So you think you’re the next big thing in this rap game??? Well so do the next man and the next and the next. Check out some of the top mistakes artist make trying to get into the rap game.

*Unrealistic Expectations …making a cd and thinking you are gonna be a million dollar superstar next week.

*Lack of Creativity…..We already have a Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane and Drake…..Do you not everybody else

*No Knowledge of the Industry…..Do you know what BMI or ASCAP is???? Find out…

*No Showmanship…….It takes more than spittin some lyric in a mic to rock a show

*Mediocore Mix……A good song + a bad mix = a bad song

*Sloppy 1st Impression……A burned CD with info written with sharpie= Garbage pile

*Poor Online Presence……..Facebook, Twitter, Youtube = Free Exposure

*No Marketing Plan……Hot music but how do people know you exist

These points are here to help you present yourself better and be prepared for success. Check out the complete article from Sebastien Elkouby ,co-founder of S&H Public Relations, a  PR agency which specializes in promoting quality Hip Hop artists and related projects by clicking here….