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Tracee Ellis Ross sat down with Hello Beautiful to discuss a few issues.  I didn’t know that she wouldn’t be returning to BET’s Reed Between The Lines, but apparently the upcoming show will see her character moving to L.A. and separating from her husband who is played by Malcolm Jamal Warner.

Her fall fashion wish list:

I’ve been working and I haven’t looked. Honestly the only thing that I have seen is the Christian Dior collection, that yellow dress, that skirt, that collection is stunning. But the best thing to do is to follow me on Pinterest. I have not bought a magazine since. I feel like it helps me create my own magazine.

3 quick tips for girls to get out of the door in 15 mins:

A dab of perfume, a fresh face, and for me I always carry lipstick in my bag. NARS, RubyWoo. And if you have a fresh clean face with moisturizer with your hair back in a bun. Wash and Go. If you wanna really clean bun, I towel dry it and put product in the front.

On leaving Reed Between The Lines:

There is nothing to talk about now. But there is stuff brewing and happening.I didn’t leave the show, it was just a timing thing. I support them and there’s a chance I will be back. I have a great relationship with the Malcolm, show, and BET. I love them and the show means a lot to me.