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The Dream may not be that great in the domestic areas of his life, but he’s dominating his professional life. The “deadbeat dad” (as told by Christina Milian) has been named the Executive Vice President of A&R at Def Jam. The Dream is the musical talent behind Rihanna’s “Umbrella,” Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” and Justin Bieber’s “Baby.”

As of The Dream’s baby mommas, Milian has done nothing but complain about his role in she and their baby, Violet’s life since she was born. She’s accused him of being a deadbeat, but little did she know The Dream was busy…working. According to That Grape Juice, The Dream said:

“My concentration and effort will be to the artist to succeed in their dreams and goals. I’ve been a part of watching and participating in the success of many great women and men including Beyoncé, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion to name a few.”

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I find it funny that Terius Nash has been and will continue participating in the success of great women. Well, what about the women that have birthed your babies? Where’s Nivea’s career? More importantly (not that Nivea’t not…) where is Christina Milian’s career?

It looks like she’s stepping back into music by way of YMCMB. She doesn’t need The Dream! Lil’ Wayne seems to love The Dream’s sloppy seconds. First Nivea (who has babies by The Dream and Lil’ Wayne), now Christina Milian. No, these two are not bumping uglies, but they are in business together. It’s a good thing Weezy knows how to NOT mix business and pleasure. *side eye*

“That’s one thing that’s great about Wayne. He’s like, ‘Work with different producers, take your time, but at the same time, try new things. Don’t be stuck on one thing,’” Milian says of working with Wayne. I’m not trying to start anything (well, I might) but sounds like Milian might be trying to take shots at her baby’s father, who’s been known to produce hits, just not for her.

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Weezy doesn’t seem to be booed up with Milian, only providing her with a platform to finally be the artist she wants to be. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but the man that calls himself Young Tunafish seems to like sniffing around The Dream’s leftovers.

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