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3.Phil Johnston: Johnston wrote the charming Oscar-nominated (yet largely white) “Wreck-It-Ralph,” which everyone should see if they haven’t already. But since when does writing a fun animated film (with no other acclaimed credits) make you qualified to take on the multi-faceted, politically-charged story of a black family in the ‘70s tackling stereotypes, poverty and racism? It doesn’t. Hollywood didn’t want to ask anyone else? Insert red flag here.

2. Hollywood can’t even get modern Black sitcoms right: It’s no secret that the small screen today is seriously lacking the intelligence and audacity that embodied such classic shows as “The Jeffersons” and “The Cosby Show.” Gone is the hardened advice of Judge Phillip Banks and the glamour of Helen Willis. Throughout the years, Hollywood has too often debased and ridiculed the black family with low-form entertainment. And now they’re trying to go back and ruin one of the great ones.

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