Yung Berg Promo Photo

Young Berg

Young Christian Ward has (allegedly) been robbed for jewelry, beaten up, had his home invaded, and even boastfully expressed his dislike for dark butts Black women. Though his career is a quietly successful one, he’s still the guy whose transformer medallion went on an award tour.

J. Cole Performing

J. Cole

Jermaine Cole catches a lot of flack because he’s a light-skinned rapper. But that doesn’t make him soft. What makes him soft is that – with all his rappity rap ability – all he drops are love songs. His popularity and success are solidified now and it’s the perfect time to drop some bang-bang-shoot-em-up music. Seriously, even Drake threatens other rap cats every now and then.

JoJo Simmons Yoked Up

JoJo Simmons

Somehow, JoJo has become the 2013 version of Young Berg, with a hint of Charles Hamilton. When photos of him being harassed and manhandled by one of Juelz Santana’s unknown weed carrier went viral via Instagram, I’m willing to bet he heard nails being driven into his proverbial coffin. Whatever his pops taught him about Hip-Hop while he was growing has clearly been forgotten. Possibly because he smokes too much Kush and still gets bullied.

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