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Suge Knight recently told TMZ that he prefers to be called “the n-word” over “African American” because he’s not African. “I like that better than ‘African-American,’ we not from Africa, we Black,” he said, adding, “it depends on how you say ‘n—a.’”

“Even Africans don’t call each other African. If they from Kenya, they say, ‘I’m Kenyan,’” he explained. “When you really look at it, a lot of people say ‘the N-word’ and a lot of people use it as a situation they’re scared to say something about it. A lot of times people say ‘the N-word,’ right? I like that better than ‘African-American,’ we not from Africa, we Black.”

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Since the story was posted yesterday, the topic has picked up a lot of buzz. Fellow Compton rapper YG even agreed with Suge, telling TMZ that the N-word is acceptable as long as it’s not used in a disrespectful manner.

“The word got history to it. A lot of people been through a lot of stuff over that word,” said the Compton wordsmith. “So, I feel where the people who be tripping off of it, I feel where they coming from. But at the same time you gotta understand that word. Regardless if people don’t like other people using it and saying it, people saying it anyways. You feel me? And it’s like ain’t nobody gonna do nothing about it. You feel me? Unless they use it in a disrespectful way.”

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The conversation did not stop there. TMZ chimed in, writing, “At first his theory sounds a little shocking, but maybe he has a point. So we gotta ask.”

Then, the site published a poll to get readers’ opinions. The results showed that over 50 percent of their online visitors — 78,472 people participated at the time of this posting — may be racist. The N-word received 55 percent of the vote and African American followed with 45 percent.

Leave your thoughts about this bizarre poll, below.

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